Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Making your Purples Pop with MAC's Paint Pot in Half Wild

I have mentioned a million times that  purple is one of the most flattering colours on women of deeper skin tones, with that it mind I'm doing a rapid review on a base from MAC that's sure to make your purple eyeshadow pop.

The eyeshadow base in question is MAC's Paint Pot in Half Wild. This paint pot is medium deep purple shade with slight shimmer.It is very vibrant,easy to apply   and serves as an excellent base . The downside to this product is the fact that you have to work quickly because once it dries its really hard to blend The other cons are price and availability as this product was part of a collection years ago,nevertheless it can still be found on amazon or ebay.

What is your favourite base for your purple eyeshadow?
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  1. Wow...this shade is so pretty and highly pigmented.

  2. Pretty cool and my favourite color. I appreciate this. I use gold under purple sometimes. Very royal


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