Monday, September 22, 2014

Beauty on a Budget| DIY Coffee Body Scrub

I am one for affordable beauty remedies, one such remedy that I love and have been incorporating in my beauty regime is a coffee scrub. Research has shown that the caffeine in coffee is excellent on the skin but only when applied topically in the form of said scrub or in a cream. Coffee has great exfoliating properties both mechanically and chemically and will result in smooth, soft radiant skin  and its been known to reduce the appearance of  cellulite on the skin.


1. Ground Coffee
2. Brown sugar
3. Extra Virgin Olive Oil
4. Jojoba oil ( Optional)
Simply mix the ingredients in a small bowl  and  Voilà you're done

The brown sugar has glycolic acid so it is also going to act as a chemical exfoliant as well, this coupled with  the moisturizing properties of the olive oil and jojoba oil makes for one inexpensive effective scrub as it does leave my skin soft and supple not too sure about the cellulite reducing properties but I will continue to use it nevertheless.

The next time you are about to discard your coffee dregs consider using it to make a scrub
I hope you found this post helpful
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  1. Cool DIY recipe, I need to try this! I've never tried coffee on my skin before x

  2. This is a great idea! Thanks for sharing your recipe. :)

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