Friday, April 25, 2014

Cheap Thrills| Wet N Wild Megalast Lipsticks

On a much needed trip to a drugstore while on vacation I had the opportunity of obtaining some lip products that were on my wish list but not available here in Jamaica.The lip products in question are the Wet N Wild Megalast lipsticks which I'm sure my American readers will describe as old news but my Jamaican makeup enthusiasts would greatly appreciate having a tube or four...

The colours I selected are very subdued, light and prefect for spring and would look great on deep skintones once paired with a brown lip liner.In my opinion these lipsticks are quite comparable to MAC lippies in terms of overall quality but at a fraction of the cost.

Left to Right: Just Peachy,Bare it All,Think Pink,Mauve Outta Here

My favourite shade is Bare it All, what is your favourite Wet N wild lipstick shade?
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  1. So many people love these! But I have Pinkerbell and it doesn't apply well on my lips at all... it gets into every lip line, emphasizes dry areas and becomes streaky...

    1. I am sorry to hear you had that experience, I find that I get a better finish when I slowly dab the lipstick on my lips rather than may need to sufficiently exfoliate and moisturize your lips before application since they are semi matte.

      I hope that helps and thanks for stopping by

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  3. I love these and I actually have Pinkerbell (plus almost every shade) and I love them so much!

  4. Wet and wild has the best and cheapest lip gloss!

  5. great colors! I'll have to try Think Pink :)

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  7. just found your blog - so glad i did, its fab! these look really pigmented, i am yet to find where i can purchase in u.k unfortunately :( x

    great post! x

  8. Love all the colours!

  9. Thanks so much for the sweet comments girls X

  10. I love Wet n Wild so much.

  11. I love Wet n Wild so much.


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