Friday, February 7, 2014

Downsizing and Organizing with The Z Palette

Like many make up lovers I have accumulated quite a bit  and so for 2014 I wanted to  streamline my make up storage and get rid of the excessive clutter, with that said I invested in the Large Z palette to aid with my make up storage.This  is a magnetic palette with several metal stickers used to store your depotted make up products. 

 My love  for this palette  runs deep and I cannot fathom how I was existing without this lifesaver. My reason for saying  this is due to the fact  that it has significantly improved the overall appearance and accessibility of some of my mostly used products and it makes travelling especially for freelance work a breeze, no wonder this is a  must have for  make up junkies and  make up artists alike.The only real concern I have is that the material may not hold up to continuous cleaning/sanitizing. Overall I am very satisfied with my purchase and this is definitely a product I would recommend to my fellow make up addicts.

Do you own a Z Palette if not do you plan on purchasing?
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