Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Camo Chic

The camouflage trend has made its way to the forefront  for the fall 2013 season and if you find  this trend appealing  and want some inspiration on how to style this rugged military print in a classy and sophisticated way take a gander at my concoction below.

Camo Chic
Collage done by yours truly via polyvore

Are you a fan of the camouflage trend if so would you rock the outfit above?
Let me know what you think.


Monday, October 28, 2013

Lipsticks to Fall For

In the tropics its seems like its forever summer, but lets face it the fashion season has changed, and what better way to welcome this change than with makeup, in particular lipstick.It is now time to whip out those deep, dark lipstick shades and if you are just getting into makeup and need a little inspiration  here are my lipstick picks 

From Left to Right MAC RiRi Woo, KleanColor Femme Lipstick in Purple Machine, Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Grape

(Applied without lip liner,  Purple machine is actually purple but photographs blue)

If the original colors aren't deep enough for your taste a simple trick I have employed is the addition of black liner  and this completely  vamps up the  overall finish of each of the lipsticks....


What  shade was your favourite and do you prefer the lipsticks pre or post black liner?
Share your thoughts below


Sunday, October 27, 2013

Hair Care Hero-Cantu Shea Butter Leave in Conditioning Cream

After making a conscious effort  to stretch the time in between my relaxers I wanted to find products that would make the process easier and tame my new growth, while reducing breakage and the occurrence of split ends.The product I found that really does wonders and is now in my hair care arsenal is the Cantu Shea Butter Leave in Conditioning Repair Cream.

Product Features:The Cantu Shea Butter Leave in conditioning cream as the name suggests is a Shea butter based moisturizing treatment that is targeted towards halting/repairing breakage and split ends, while overall adding moisture and protecting hair.

Overall Experience:I have been using this conditioning treatment  for over two months and I would  recommend it to anyone who suffers from breakage, dryness and is actively trying to achieve soft, healthy hair. My reasons for loving this product  are extensive but I will share just few.The product has a dual function that of a leave- in conditioner and also daily moisturizer, therefore it  is cost effective and cuts down on clutter,the smell is also a bonus in my opinion very light and not overbearing.The hydrating properties of this treatment is excellent for new growth which can be challenging at times,however due to the thick, creamy nature of this product I do suggest for daily  use  the amount in the collage above or less is more than sufficient  for  roots and ends. This is to  prevent your hair from being weighed down.In conclusion I am glad I have found this product and it has assisted greatly in the overall health of my hair.

Do you have a hair care staple if so share it in the comments below.


Its Been a While....

 I am happy to inform everyone that I am back  from what should have been a few weeks break but turned into a four month hiatus from the blogger platform.I would like to formally apologize to all my loyal readers for being away so long but I guess life just happens and we all need breaks to reboot, with that said stay tuned for my upcoming blog posts.

Thanks as always for the support.