Monday, April 15, 2013

Curly Sue...The Pictorial

Today I am going to share another pictorial on how I get wonderful messy curls  using my 1/2''-1"Remington Curling Wand.This method is simple and very straightforward....

STEP 1; Brush your hair with a paddle brush to remove any knots/tangles.
STEP 2: Apply a light mist of your favourite heat protectant and allow to dry.
STEP 3: Set the curling wand to your desired temperature (my preference is 410 °F since I am rocking extensions).
STEP 4-6:Take a small section of hair and wrap around the barrel of wand and hold for 10-15 seconds.
STEP 7:After 15 seconds you should have a perfect curl.Repeat STEP 4-6 for your entire head and gently finger comb to achieve the volume you desire.

I hope you found this post helpful 
Be Blessed and Be a Blessing


  1. nice! what are you wearing on your lips? I love it

  2. What lipstick are you wearing btw?

  3. Hi Sav, the lip combination is NYX nutmeg liner,a Jordana lipstick in Orange and a Jordana LOL lipgloss in BTW...I love it ^.^

    Thanks for stopping by girly


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