Saturday, January 12, 2013

M.A.C Store....First Look

Hey Guys,

As you may know  MAC cosmetics is finally in Jamaica with the first store opening its doors in the Sovereign Mall  sometime  during the holiday season. I wanted to visit the store  in the early stages but I decided to wait  as a  few of  my friends advised that the store was  overcrowded and the waiting time to get assistance was a bit much  so they just left the store empty handed, and unimpressed, this was expected as the store was new at the time and it was near the peak of the shopping season.

My Experience : Since I work in the service industry I'm a stickler for excellent customer service and honestly the makeup artist (Stephanie) who assisted me did not disappoint, she was pleasant,welcoming and very helpful.The prices are more or less the same as the online store which is excellent considering the fact that M.A.C  is not a  cheap makeup brand.The products that were on my list to get was a mineralize skinfinish Natural and  one of the best selling lipsticks- Ruby Woo,I was a tad bit disappointed  though as Ruby Woo was out of stock, however I did manage to get the Skinfinish natural in Deep Dark.....

In conclusion I was  impressed with overall aesthetic of the store and very pleased with the overall service.
If you are new to makeup and would like a review on this product leave a comment below 
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  1. I love that color, it looks great!


  2. Can we get a review please? :) I was thinking about picking it up soon. How much did you pay for it in JMD?

    1. I will definitely work on the review and the price was $3030 which is cheaper that what most stores/ makeup sales reps in Jamaica sold them for.

      Thanks for reading !!

  3. That's so good yall finally got a MAC, in The Bahamas we got our first MAC a few years ago, they finally decided to open on closer in town now. My niece is from Jamaica and she says it so cool to see Jamaican bloggers.

  4. Thanks for stopping by Shade and I couldn't understand why they took so long but better late than never right :)



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