Saturday, January 12, 2013

Beauty Beat ... Could Your Phone be the Cause of Your Breakouts?

You cleanse and moisturize your  face everyday with your favourite acne products , change your pillow cases religiously, drink water by the gallons, and in essence baby your skin, nevertheless your face is  still subjected to breakouts especially along your cheek area, but have you ever  stop to think that your  precious smartphone could be the actual culprit ...think about it you take it everywhere with you,  put it on bathroom counters, store it with money at times and you spend the entire day "bbm-ing", "facebooking" ," instagramming", tweeting and texting  without a single thought of disinfecting this germ magnet.

 Studies show that cell phones can have ten times as much bacteria than a toilet seat and with that said here are some quick methods that can be utilized to disinfect your  phone daily....

1. The universal method  used to disinfect cellphone is with alcohol and a cotton pad.Ensure that the cotton pad is not soaking wet with alcohol but slightly damp to avoid damage to your device, when you do so don't forget to remove the case and wipe separately.

2. If you don't have alcohol at you immediate disposal the hand sanitizer that you carry around in your handbag is just as good because the active ingredient is alcohol, a few quick swipes and you have significantly reduced the bacterial content.

3. Witch Hazel is a natural disinfectant and I personally use this product as a toner in my skincare regime, so when  I am about to use it on my face I disinfect my phone in the process,  since I have incorporated this practice in my  skincare routine its highly unlikely that I will forget.

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