Tuesday, November 6, 2012

My Guide to the Perfect Nude Lip for WOC

If you're a devoted reader of my blog you would know that I love a good  nude lip simply because its so soft, youthful and beautiful, being a chocolate-coloured Caribbean girl I have been blessed with pigmented lips and as such I have employed the following method to give me the perfect nude lip.This method is by no means a novice idea , but this is how I personally do it , the aim is not to look like Tyrone Biggums from the Chappelle Show but to have a smooth transition in colour from your skin to your lipstick.

Products Used 
Clockwise Direction: Blistex Lip Medex, Milani Secret Cover Concealer , NYX Lip Pencil in Cappuccino, NYX Lipstick in Frappuccino

Lip pencil and Lipstick Snapshots

1. I apply a generous amount of my Blistex lip balm, which I  love and  use  religiously because its very moisturizing and has a cooling sensation on the lips.
2. The Milani Secret Cover Concealer in Honey   is then used to mute the natural colour of my lips and to facilitate the true colour of the  lipstick coming through,followed by the  NYX lip pencil in Cappuccino  to add  dimension back to my lips
3. NYX  Frappuccino a flattering pinkish- nude lipstick is applied and the look is complete

I hope you found this post helpful 

Thanks as always for reading 


  1. This is great (: Nice post!


  2. Great post! Great choice of colors. I will surely follow this. Thanks!

  3. Niceeee..I like adding & mixing when making a nice lip color

  4. This is nice. The color looks good and yeah, for pigmented lips this is so helpful.
    Frapucchino is also a very much sought after shade here

  5. Loving how you achieved this nude lip!



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