Saturday, November 24, 2012

Hair Inspiration- Red Cherry Bomb

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 I have  developed quite a love for  luscious red locks, this hair colour can be customized for any complexion, however colouring my natural hair is simply out the question since I work in a rather conservative environment but I think will experiment with this colour on some extensions.

What are your thoughts love or loathe?


  1. red hair is beautiful, I had mine burgundy earlier in the year and really liked it but it's soo hard to maintain. Mine faded so quick I was needing to dye it every three weeks and so had to change the colour before I ruined it with the dyes. Red on some extensions is a good idea I'd love to see how it turns out x

  2. Thanks for stopping and from my research red hair is really hard to maintain I will definitely share if I do decide to go through with it

  3. Red hair is absolutely gorgeous. I've dyed my whole hair red before and I loved it but when it's fading out, it has a really orangey not so cute colour on! I bet you could pull it off though! xx

  4. I'm definitely gonna do this color in February (my bday & valentine's day)! I looooveee it, great post. Sincerely, a new follower.


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