Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Review- Black Opal Invisible Oil Blocking Powder

Hello Lovelies,

I have oily, acne-prone skin and thus I  have always been on the hunt for a good oil control/setting  powder.After doing some research I decided to give the Black Opal Invisible Oil Blocking  Powder a go and I have to admit that this product is pretty good in my opinion....

Product Features: The Black Opal Invisible Oil Blocking Powder as the name suggests is " a colour- free powder which controls oil, prevents shine and keeps skin matte without drying or changing your foundation shade."

Overall Experience: I love this product hands down, the fact that although its an invisible powder its  not flat white... it has  some amount of  pigmentation and it blends beautifully into my skin without  giving that chalky,  "cast- like"  finish.I utilize this product in two ways, first to set the concealer under my eyes  and other areas of my face which I have highlighted and secondly to set my entire makeup.The powder is a keeper in my eyes because you can apply it numerous times and there is no product buildup it just simply mattifies my face without altering my makeup.In terms of oil control it gets a passing grade in my book as  it does keep shine at bay for a good period of time.The only negative thing I have to say about this product is that its so messy.... but isn't that the case with all loose powders so this aspect can be overlooked.In conclusion the Black Opal powder is an excellent product and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is looking into purchasing a oil control/setting powder.

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  1. i was looking for something which prevents shine and keeps skin matte , so thanks for the tip! i'll try to buy it!

  2. Black Opal is a fine product too.


  3. I love it so much. Esp with my dark complexion it was hard to find a oil blocking powder with out the color. Not only do i have the loose powder but the pressed powder as well for when i am going on the road.

  4. great post


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