Monday, September 17, 2012

M.A.C Cosmetics in Jamaica .....

The  Estée  Lauder owned M.A.C cosmetics is coming to Jamaica with its  first official store to be reportedly  located at the Sovereign Mall . Most  makeup junkies maybe head over heels ecstatic  upon hearing this news however, others are  hesitant to throw  confetti due to the possible high  prices of the products which begs the question if die-heart "MAC Babies" will buy from the store,order online or simply have friends/ family bring it directly from overseas.Overall I am pretty excited at such  fantastic news  and I can't wait to actually visit the store and share my experience  come December.

What are your thoughts?

*Humblest apologies for my absence 


  1. R U SERIOUS!!!!!! I can't wait!! thanks for the info Foxy.

  2. yea, mac can definitely get a little pricey, but boy oh boy do i love their foundation! and lipstick!
    congrats on getting the store, though! that's pretty exciting


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