Sunday, June 17, 2012

High Bun, Nude Lips and Smokey Eyes....

Happy Sunday Ladies,

 I have never done a post with my real hair so today I would like to  share  my take on the high bun look with  nude lips and smokey eyes  ....

Revlon Colorstay Foundation-Cappuccino
Milani Loose Face Powder- Medium Dark
Espere Blush  Cocoa ( contour)
Sacha Blush-Shameless Cinnamon ( review coming soon)
Black Radiance Velvet and Glow-Downtown Chic ( Holy grail)-Highlight
Milani Secret Cover Concealer Cream- Brows and eyeshadow base
Elf Brightening Eye Colour-Butternut 
Maybelline Flasies Flared Mascara-Blackest Black
Jordana Black eyeliner- waterline

Milani Secret Cover concealer cream Honey (used to mute lips)
NYX lip pencil-Coffee
NYX round lipstick-Frappuccino 

An hair bun is a wonderful protective style for your ends although they might not be the best thing for your hairline/edges, nevertheless buns always give that polished, chic and sophisticated look and are also excellent for those days when your tresses are unruly.I hope you enjoyed this short post.

Thanks for Reading!!


  1. You should try the Benefit Hello Oxygen foundation


  2. I love this look! SO sophisticated with the bun.I am so gonna get that blush now :)

  3. Thank you so much Chantel, that blush is so pretty I want all the shades and to think its made right here in the Caribbean :)


    1. SACHA has blush palettes you know...really good look gorg btw =)

  4. Smokey eyes and nude lips are my favorite makeup to wear. You look absolutely stunning in your photos.
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    Beauty Fashion Blog Seattle

  5. so sophisticated and pretty! love it!

  6. nice the eyeshadow colours and the lip combo...very nice

  7. Oh I love buns! even with my hair cut now, i love them

  8. Thanks for the wonderful comments ladies !!!

  9. Love it! Those brows are super together & that bun werk! Love this look

  10. Absolutely love the blush! Can't wait for the review ;)

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  12. Great nude lips and for such an affordable price. I love NYX products, I must give those suggested lip products a shot.

    I am a fan of the "a little bit of lip gloss, hair in a bun, well done" look. I have yet to master a nude look with my hair back so now I'm inspired to try this palette. Thanks!

    Soraya, FWB

  13. You did a great job you look lovely.


I sincerely appreciate all your comments.