Sunday, June 24, 2012

Beauty Beat....Milk of Magnesia Trick

Happy Sunday,

I am a girl who loves to wear makeup as much as any other girl, however I have really oily skin and after several hours my face tends to look like a grease fest, after doing a little research I kept seeing one product being utilized constantly to keep the oil at bay and that is Phillips Milk of Magnesia.

My Overall Experience- I shake the bottle to suspend the solution, pour  a small amount in the palm of my hands and apply it directly to my face in a similar fashion as my moisturizer, then I wait a couple of minutes for it dry. It did give a whitish/streaky cast however those areas can be easily rectified with the swipe of a finger.After this I simply apply my foundation making sure everything is well  blended. I was skeptical at first.... a laxative on my face... really ??!!  I  must say however, that it really does help with my foundation application and even more so with my oily skin. I found that my face stayed matte for a longer time because typically I would have to blot my face or reapply powder before leaving home whenever I do my makeup. Phillips Milk of Magnesia is also said to be a remedy for acne  but   I have not used it for a long enough time to to speak on this aspect.I will however inform you girls if I do see any improvements in my skin.

Have you tried the the Milk of Magnesia trick ?

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  1. I love using Milk of Magnesia too! When I apply, I actually use the MoM that's kinda stuck in the top of the lid. It seems to have already settled a bit and is easier to put on the sponge and apply to my face. It definitely helps for these hot summer months!

  2. Yes, I love this trick. I don't use it often because I don't wear makeup a lot, nor do I go anywhere often, but I was skeptical at first too. We oily face chicks can look cute on these hot days :)

  3. Oh havent used this trick yet but willing to try it!

  4. i keep hearing about this! glad it works for you

  5. Calamine Lotion works just as good.

  6. I love this product !!


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