Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Review- Sacha Cosmetics Blush in Shameless Cinnamon

Hey ladies,                      

 I mentioned in a previous  post that I would do a review on an amazing blush that I discovered that's made right here in the Caribbean. This  blush is  from Sacha Cosmetics  .....

 Product Features-This shade of blush is Shameless Cinnamon, the  pan contains approximately  3.4 grams of pure  gorgeousness. I would describe this blush as a reddish shade with  gold shimmer.

*Heavily Swatched 

Overall Experience: Let me just say that the quality of this product is beyond amazing. The pigmentation and colour pay-off  is out of this world I had to use a light hand just so that my cheeks wouldn't be overly saturated with colour.The shade has just the right balance, not chalky or excessively shimmery . I definitely want to try out other shades  since they are extremely affordable.This blush qualifies as one of my favourite products to date.Why pay more when you can get products of great quality for less?

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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Beauty Beat....Milk of Magnesia Trick

Happy Sunday,

I am a girl who loves to wear makeup as much as any other girl, however I have really oily skin and after several hours my face tends to look like a grease fest, after doing a little research I kept seeing one product being utilized constantly to keep the oil at bay and that is Phillips Milk of Magnesia.

My Overall Experience- I shake the bottle to suspend the solution, pour  a small amount in the palm of my hands and apply it directly to my face in a similar fashion as my moisturizer, then I wait a couple of minutes for it dry. It did give a whitish/streaky cast however those areas can be easily rectified with the swipe of a finger.After this I simply apply my foundation making sure everything is well  blended. I was skeptical at first.... a laxative on my face... really ??!!  I  must say however, that it really does help with my foundation application and even more so with my oily skin. I found that my face stayed matte for a longer time because typically I would have to blot my face or reapply powder before leaving home whenever I do my makeup. Phillips Milk of Magnesia is also said to be a remedy for acne  but   I have not used it for a long enough time to to speak on this aspect.I will however inform you girls if I do see any improvements in my skin.

Have you tried the the Milk of Magnesia trick ?

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Sunday, June 17, 2012

High Bun, Nude Lips and Smokey Eyes....

Happy Sunday Ladies,

 I have never done a post with my real hair so today I would like to  share  my take on the high bun look with  nude lips and smokey eyes  ....

Revlon Colorstay Foundation-Cappuccino
Milani Loose Face Powder- Medium Dark
Espere Blush  Cocoa ( contour)
Sacha Blush-Shameless Cinnamon ( review coming soon)
Black Radiance Velvet and Glow-Downtown Chic ( Holy grail)-Highlight
Milani Secret Cover Concealer Cream- Brows and eyeshadow base
Elf Brightening Eye Colour-Butternut 
Maybelline Flasies Flared Mascara-Blackest Black
Jordana Black eyeliner- waterline

Milani Secret Cover concealer cream Honey (used to mute lips)
NYX lip pencil-Coffee
NYX round lipstick-Frappuccino 

An hair bun is a wonderful protective style for your ends although they might not be the best thing for your hairline/edges, nevertheless buns always give that polished, chic and sophisticated look and are also excellent for those days when your tresses are unruly.I hope you enjoyed this short post.

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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

CFW Snap Shot....Take 2

 As I mentioned in my previous post I attended CFW 2012, I thought I would share a few pictures from the line KAJ by Summer Jarett, which in my opinion was one of the best presentation of the night.



I would have to say that the final outfit was my favourite its half modest, half risque.... the perfection combination.I hope you guys enjoyed and  hopefully next year I will be at a better vantage point to capture greater shots in order to share with  you.

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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

CFW Snap Shot....Take 1

Hey Loves,

On Sunday  I went to the closing night for  Caribbean Fashion Week 2012, this was the outfit that I wore....

*Pardon the extremely oily face 

I opted for a vibrant sheer dress and paired it with my favourite wardrobe staple-a blazer. In order to  keep the momentum I threw in my animal print heels which in essence acted as my neutral piece and added my pink  neon belt to cinch in my waist.

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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Rocking Sea Spray

Hi Girls,

This is the nail polish I'm currently wearing this week, its Sea Spray by China Glaze.In my opinion the  colour is a great pastel shade if your not a fan of bold  nail polishes....

Hope you enjoyed this short post . 

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Review- Milani Secret Cover Concealer Cream

Happy Sunday Loves,

This post is about a  product that I absolutely love and thought of sharing it with you all....



Product Feature: The Milani Secret Cover Concealer is a maximum coverage concealer which  covers all skin disclourations, under-eye circles and blemishes etc. This concealer is oil free, fragrance free, waterproof and long wearing.
Honey Blended 

Overall Experience;  I have the concealer in  Golden Beige  and  Honey. Let me just say that the Milani concealer is beyond wonderful. Its a fantastic multitasking product.The Honey shade I use to cover  my acne scars and under-eye area, the Golden Beige shade I use  to define my brows and  also as an eye shadow base/primer and it has  made an amazing difference. The concealer is really long wearing and in fact requires  some amount of effort to remove. The Milani Secret Cover Concealer is a 10/10 product in my opinion as it delivers everything that the packaging promised and has now become a holy grail product.

P.S  Golden Beige  is solely used   as an eye shadow primer/base and to give my brows a polished look so although its  several shades lighter than my skin tone it still works for me . I included a picture of honey blended only as Golden Beige is  not a match my skin.

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