Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Beauty Beat.... Anti-Aging Products

I am currently approaching my mid twenties and I think its  about time I start investing in anti-aging products as a preventative measure. Every woman  ages differently some ladies are forever young *cue Halle Berry, Gabrielle Union or Lisa Hanna* who are the epitome of the phrase "Black don't crack"  while other may require a little  help.I decided to try this night renewal cream by Avon ...

Product Features : Avon Anew Reversalist Night Renewal Cream is equiped with Activinol Technology which is said to visibly reduce the micro scars that lead to wrinkles and loss of  firmness and claims to recreate refresher looking skin. According to the packaging, after 3 days 73% of  users saw a difference in their  skin

Overall Experience:  I would personally describe it as an "entry level " product  in terms of price. I used the product for over a week and  although the  packaging  states that after 3 days your skin will look and feel reborned,  I didn't see any difference in the overall appearance of my skin. The  positive aspects of  this  cream are that its very moisturizing, lightweight and has a somewhat silky feel .The  product was highly scented and I personally prefer  face creams/moisturizers that are unscented or  lightly scented. In conclusion this night renewal cream would make good  moisturizer.

How soon should  a young lady  start using anti- aging products ?

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  1. I'm 18, & I heard you should start using in your 20s. So I'll start at 20 or 21 :)


  2. Kudos to you for considering your skin at a young age. I have heard good things about ANEW. Never tried it myself though, so this review comes in mighty handy.

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  3. great review! xx

  4. Nice review!
    Good luck and find the best product coz face is everything :D

    u'r really pretty :D:D


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