Thursday, June 9, 2011

Spotlight on Rouge.....

Hey Foxy Ones

I saw this blush in  a drugstore yesterday and since it looked really gorgeous and appeared to be of  good quality for the price I decided to  pick  it up.Its the Jordana blush powder  in Rouge.Its a matte blush which has peachy-pinkish tone), anyhoo on to the pics........

The packaging is really sleek and sturdy in my opinion.

The swatch... its uber pretty

*Please ignore the random strands of hair in my face.. lol

I love this on my skin it, has great staying power for the price ( ridiculously cheap),since  its such a soft color I had to start out light with the application and gradually build until I was satisfied with the intensity .Initially I   thought it would look ashy since it is matte blush,but it turned out pretty good. Overall this was a  wonderful purchase, you Dolls should definitely check it out!!!

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  1. Looks Beautiful! Does it have any shimmer in it?

  2. Thanks a lot and this a matte blush.

    Thanks for reading


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