Saturday, June 25, 2011

Black in the Summer....

Hey Dolls,

 Since its officially summer I know  most of you girls have pretty much swapped out your dark colored  nail polishes for vibrant bold colors, however some colors are universal and can be worn through out the year such as black and  shades of red and so for this post  I decided to do a simple, fun and  summery design with  a  black nail polish.

L--> R KleanColor Nail polishes in neon pink, yellow and green,  Milani Nail Lacquer in Black Magic

In order to achieve the design I used the aforementioned products, the Milani polish in Black Magic was used as the  base and then  a toothpick was  utilized to apply the dots diagonally on my nails.... here is the finished look  

I hope you FoXy Ones enjoyed reading. 

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  1. Oh that is super cute!! I have been wanting to paint my nails black. I might do it today :)


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