Saturday, June 25, 2011

Black in the Summer....

Hey Dolls,

 Since its officially summer I know  most of you girls have pretty much swapped out your dark colored  nail polishes for vibrant bold colors, however some colors are universal and can be worn through out the year such as black and  shades of red and so for this post  I decided to do a simple, fun and  summery design with  a  black nail polish.

L--> R KleanColor Nail polishes in neon pink, yellow and green,  Milani Nail Lacquer in Black Magic

In order to achieve the design I used the aforementioned products, the Milani polish in Black Magic was used as the  base and then  a toothpick was  utilized to apply the dots diagonally on my nails.... here is the finished look  

I hope you FoXy Ones enjoyed reading. 

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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I've Got Game....

Looking at the title of this post one would think that I am referring to the series on BET  with Tia Mowry and the gang... but nah its not about that, instead its my Utopia baked eyeshadow from Klean Color Cosmetics, from a previous  post on a blush (see post here ) I mentioned I would  give their baked eye shadows a go. Since purple is my favourite colour I decided to get the shade called "Game" which is medley of purple and pink on to the pics.....

I tried a look with the Game   it didn't turn out all that bad, the only issue I had was that there was crazy fall out so that was a huge turnoff.

*My brows are going through a phase lol

 The color payoff was ok but due to  all that fall out I really don't think I will try the other colors, however if you Dolls decide to purchase this  definitely use a primer and/or base or your color will be gone before you even go through the door . 

Hope you enjoyed reading

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Spotlight on Rouge.....

Hey Foxy Ones

I saw this blush in  a drugstore yesterday and since it looked really gorgeous and appeared to be of  good quality for the price I decided to  pick  it up.Its the Jordana blush powder  in Rouge.Its a matte blush which has peachy-pinkish tone), anyhoo on to the pics........

The packaging is really sleek and sturdy in my opinion.

The swatch... its uber pretty

*Please ignore the random strands of hair in my face.. lol

I love this on my skin it, has great staying power for the price ( ridiculously cheap),since  its such a soft color I had to start out light with the application and gradually build until I was satisfied with the intensity .Initially I   thought it would look ashy since it is matte blush,but it turned out pretty good. Overall this was a  wonderful purchase, you Dolls should definitely check it out!!!

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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Long Hair Don't Care.....

Hey Dolls

I been just loving the clip in extensions that I made some time ago , they are just soo convenient, inexpensive to maintain and very it.What better way to get longer, voluminous, divalicious hair than with clip- ins since getting an actual sew-in weave is rather damaging due to traction issues. Here are a few pics...

Hope you guys enjoyed this short post 


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

War Against Acne...The Never Ending Saga

Hey All,

I haven't done a post in a week seems like eons...right and blogger has been just acting up I can't reply to any of the comments on my blog and countless others( super annoyed), anyhoo I hope it gets resolved real soon.

This post is dedicated to a condition that has plagued almost everyone ( bless your heart if this has not been an issue for you)...Acne.During my  teenage years I've used various products that promised to  rid me from the curse of acne but none with long lasting results the one that came the closest was Neutrogena Multi-Vitamin Acne Treatment.This stuff I would give a 9/10 because it targeted the sporadic eruptions of bumps and also scars,however this  product  is virtually non-existent  since it was discontinued.I am extremely sad because now in  my  20's my acne is back and with a vengeance and so I have intensified the hunt for the ultimate fix so it can be a staple in my skin care regime.This time however I going to try products that are  natural so last week I got this  Naniki Naturals African Black Soap Facial Wash:

*Click image to enlarge
Its too soon though to give a thorough review but based on my week of using this product I would say  its a really good facial wash as it gets rid of all dirt without making your skin overly dry.In terms of the acne I would have to give it more time so that I can better evaluate this  performance cleanser's in a few weeks I'll  give my final thoughts.

 What multi-purpose skin care product would you guys recommend?

Hope you FoXy OnEs enjoyed reading