Monday, May 23, 2011

Brazilian Rose....

Hey Girlies
I was at a drugstore and saw a blush by a company called Kleancolor- the design really sparked my curiosity so I decided to pick it up and experiment as per usual. Its a 'multicolor blush ' -4 colours that adjusts to fit your skin to give you a fabulous glow .The shade I got was " Brazilian Rose".....

 The  presentation is pretty neat if you ask me, I was expecting it to be quite horrid since its a virtually 'unpopular/unheard of brand" and soooo cheap ( I admit I am sucker for good deals).Its was surprisingly very pigmented,not  chalky as I expected but shimmery.Although the swatch is a really gorgeous pink its very subtle on my cheeks but overall I still got the 'sensual glow' that the packaging promised.


I think this shade would work well  on a lighter skin tone as a blush but in my case I will use it to possible highlight in the future......All in all I think its a good find  I will definitely be trying other items from this company especially the baked eyeshadows....

Hope you FoXy OnEs enjoyed reading!



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